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Design Process

Product design is a working process with clear aims, decision steps and review meetings to be held to see if the process is going in the right direction.

The design process should never be an independent project separate from the product development process but a cooperative process with marketing and engineering. 

It must be company's strategic choice to successfully use design and get the best benefit out of it. 

> 3 decisions and evaluation

In a successful design projects all major decisions after definition phase, concept phase and product design phase must be documented. When project is ready we like to evaluate the outcome and compare it to target definition.

> effect

A design well done will always make a better product!

Tuotteen muotoilulla vaikutetaan sen käyttäjälleen antamaan vaikutukseen ja mielikuvaan. Tekniikka ja toiminta pitää rakentaa yhteen tyylikkääksi ja miellyttäväksi kokonaisuudeksi.

Nykyisin on entistä tärkeämpää vaikuttaa tuotteiden teknisen laadun ohella mielikuviin, jotka määräävät käyttäjien käsityksen tuotteesta. 

> evaluation

Design results are not just a matter of taste; it is always possible to judge whether the targets are achieved or not. 

Our Practices

We flexibly adjust to customer development needs offering skills in all development phases - and we produce appropriate results for all stages.

We continuously develop our skills. Our wish is to be able to communicate and use all kinds of data regardless of their format.

We are a trustworthy and effective partner with long-standing customer relationships, which proves we have been successful in what we do.

Our abilities, skills and motivation are as suitable for long-term development as they are for short-term design projects. 

We like to have close contact with our customers and we want to be part of the R&D team - that's effective!

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